Frequently asked questions


Are all your hats designed for outdoor activities?

Yes, all Barrage800 hats are designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind.
Our collections include options that are specifically tailored for
skateboarders, runners, and those who love exploring the outdoors,
featuring breathability, durability, and technical design for peak

How do I clean my Barrage800 hat?

For most of our hats, we recommend spot cleaning with a soft, damp cloth
and mild soap. Gently dab at stains, working from the edges toward the
center to avoid spreading the stain. Always air dry your hat away from
direct sunlight to preserve its shape and color.

What makes Barrage800 hats unique?

Our hats are engineered with materials that provide exceptional comfort,
fit, and durability specifically for high-intensity and high-impact
activities. Features like sweat-wicking fabrics, adjustable fits, and
durability ensure that our hats meet the unique needs of skateboarders,
runners, and outdoor adventurers.

Can Barrage800 hats be machine washed?

We advise against machine washing to preserve the integrity of the
materials and construction. Stick to spot cleaning for best results. For
hats with specific care instructions, refer to the product tag for

 When can I expect new designs or restocks?

Our team is always working on innovative designs and restocking popular
items. The best way to stay informed is to subscribe to our newsletter
or follow us on social media. Subscribers get early access to new
releases and restock alerts.

I don't like my product. Can I return it?

We stand by the quality of our products, but if it doesn't suit you, or you notice any manufacturer defects within 30 days, navigate to our Returns page to initiate your return.