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Core Socks

Core Socks

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Elevate your adventure gear with the Barrage800 Core Socks – designed for those who push boundaries. Crafted with precision, these socks offer the perfect blend of breathability, secure fit, and durability, making them ideal for any activity.

Key Features:

Breathable: Stay cool and comfortable on the move with highly breathable fabric that promotes airflow, keeping your feet fresh and dry.

Secure Fit: Engineered to stay in place, these socks provide a snug and secure fit, preventing slipping and bunching during intense activities.

Versatile Performance: Perfect for any adventure, whether you’re skating through the city, hitting the gym, exploring trails, or running, these socks are built to handle it all.

Designed for those who demand the best from their gear, the Barrage800 Core Socks are ready to support you on every journey. Gear up for your next adventure with confidence and comfort.

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Our hats are equipped with a repellent exterior that allows water to bead right off. We make sure you're ready for any and every element.


Built to last the toughest trials. With a light, yet tough exterior, our hats are ready to take on any element. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Each hats is lined with a quilted antimicrobial sweatband that allows your forehead to breath and prevent any bacteria build-up. The sweatband also prevents salty sweat from getting into your eyes.