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Trail Recon

Trail Recon

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Introducing the Barrage800 Trail Recon Hat. Built for the trails, built for the concrete.

Featuring HydroBarrage: water repellent tech that lets water roll right off the top, so whether you're caught in a downpour or just sweating it out, your hat stays dry.

Our hats have a built-in antimicrobial sweatband with breathable pockets that fights off sweat build-up and bacteria.


- Breathable and lightweight

- Cinch and toggle adjustment

- Premium materials to minimize fading and prevent sweat stains

- Water and sweat-repellent

- Water resistant TPU molded rubberized logos

- Lightweight crushable brim

Engineered for:

Skateboarding, Running, High Intensity, Navigating under the sun

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Our hats are equipped with a repellent exterior that allows water to bead right off. We make sure you're ready for any and every element.


Built to last the toughest trials. With a light, yet tough exterior, our hats are ready to take on any element. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Each hats is lined with a quilted antimicrobial sweatband that allows your forehead to breath and prevent any bacteria build-up. The sweatband also prevents salty sweat from getting into your eyes.